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Weekly Radio Show

“Q&A with JEA” was an hour-long radio show on WOKV first hosted by JEA’s Gerri Boyce, and later by JEA’s Brian Pippin. It offered our customers a great chance to talk with JEA experts on energy, water and wastewater services. Many of those shows are still relevant and you can listen to them below. Topics range from efficiency rebates to neighborhood pipe problems to JEA employee engagement.

Today, we offer our customers a new way to learn the latest from JEA. It’s called Your JEA Minute. This segment offers up a dose of the latest JEA news and information every Tuesday during the 6:00 o’clock news on WJXT. Join us!

Past Radio Shows

We made it easy to access all of our previous radio segments with the radio show archive below.
If you can't see the podcast listing below click here.