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Neighbor to Neighbor Donations

Founded in 1987, the Neighbor to Neighbor Fund is a means for JEA customers and employees to provide emergency assistance to customers overwhelmed by a temporary financial crisis and unable to pay their utility bill. The Neighbor to Neighbor Fund raises thousands of dollars each year and helps hundreds of elderly, disabled, and less fortunate residents in the JEA service area keep their utilities on. Your donation to the fund makes it is possible for the most vulnerable in our community maintain utility services during a financial crisis.

  • Every dollar counts. In 2014, 520 families were able to maintain utility services as a result of JEA customer and employee donations to the Neighbor to Neighbor Fund.
  • All customer contributions go directly to people in need. No expenses are deducted by JEA or United Way, the agency that helps us distribute your contributions.
  • All contributions are tax-deductible, and you will receive a tax statement at the end of the year. 

Contribute With Your Monthly JEA Bill

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If you don't have a account, register for one now. You can also sign up for Neighbor to Neighbor by calling (904) 665-6000.

When a financial emergency strikes, Neighbor to Neighbor can help

Florence Layton used to get a sick feeling every month watching her bills pile up on the kitchen counter because she knew she couldn’t pay them. Back when she worked full time, Layton (not her real name) paid her bills on time. But a car accident left her without a car and a bad back.  She lost her job and went on unemployment.  

Now, Layton works part time at a convenience store near her home and she’s able to pay her rent, buy food and pay the utility bill. 

The Reversal 

In part, Layton credits JEA’s Neighbor to Neighbor Fund for helping her turn things around. 

Layton needed the fund’s assistance before starting her new job. She called United Way’s information and referral number, 2-1-1, and was directed to the agency that administers JEA’s Neighbor to Neighbor Fund.  After filling out some paperwork, Layton qualified for a Neighbor to Neighbor Fund voucher that paid her utilities for one month.

The money in JEA’s Neighbor to Neighbor Fund comes solely from JEA customers who give as little as $1.00 extra when they pay their JEA bill every month. Layton now happily contributes $1.00 a month.