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JEA Alerts

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You can get free alerts via text* and email:

  • When your bill is ready to be viewed
  • When your bill due date is a few days away
  • When your payment has posted
  • When your usage has reached a certain dollar, electric (kWh) or water (gal) amount
  • When an electric outage you reported has an updated status such as crew assigned, estimated restoration time and cause. 
  • When a service disconnection notice has been sent
  • When service is started or stopped

Edit Your Alert Preferences

You can change your alert preferences, contact information or unsubscribe at any time by signing into your online account. 

Billing alert thresholds include the total cost for all services on the account (e.g. electric, water, sewer, irrigation). If you have more than one electric or water service on your account, the threshold you set will be a total of them.

Report and Monitor an Electric Outage Via Text

Reporting an electric outage to JEA is now as simple as sending a text! 

To register, text REG to MyJEA (69532). Once registered, Text OUT to "MyJEA" (69532) to report your outage. To ensure we can associate the outage with your address, when texting REG or OUT to 69532, please use the mobile phone number registered to your JEA account. You can easily confirm the number on file or register additional numbers for outage alerts through the alert preference center.

You will also automatically receive updates for any issues you report to your preferred medium (text, email or phone). 

You can always manage your alert preferences with your account:

  1. Sign in to your Consumption & Outage Alerts preferences.
  2. Click "Outage Alert".
  3. Click "Add Contact".
  4. Enter your contact information and click "Save Changes".

Get Outage Alerts

*Message frequency depends on user. Message and data rates may apply. For assistance, text HELP to 665600 and/or 69532 or call (904) 665-6000. View our Mobile Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

JEA’s High Water Usage Alert Program

Sometimes you can have a water leak at home and never even know it. The leak can damage property, cause very high bills and waste water, a precious resource.

That’s why JEA monitors consumption for customers daily and when a consistent and significant increase is seen, JEA can alert you. These alerts can help identify water leaks early, before you may even realize an issue exists.

Water Consumption Bar Graph
Water consumption vertical, blue bar graph showing use, in gallons, from 5/30/17 - 7/25/17

Here’s how it works: an algorithm alerts us to a water leak and we alert you by email. Sometimes, if the leak appears really big, we’ll send a JEA specialist to your home so they can investigate the situation firsthand. If it’s needed to confirm the leak, the algorithm can produce a graph that shows your usage before the leak began. This way you can see the spike in your water usage caused by the leak.

One recent JEA water customer couldn’t thank us enough for this service. He’s elderly – lives on a fixed income – and forgot to turn off his hose when watering his backyard. The extra water usage was costly for him but not as costly as it would have been had the hose been left on for an entire month.

Right now, about half our water customers have the necessary meter to provide these advanced analytics. JEA is in the process of upgrading the other half of the meters over the next few years so all our water customers can benefit from this program.

Get Water Alerts