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JEA Construction Projects

JEA construction projects make neighborhoods even better by improving our service and reliability. We realize these projects might create short-term inconveniences for you, which is why we do our best to keep you informed, keep the noise down and minimize any inconveniences. And as always, upon completing the job, we’ll return your neighborhood to pre-construction condition or better.

Questions? Call us Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. – (904) 665-7500.


Septic Tank Phaseout

The City of Jacksonville in partnership with JEA is working together to improve the quality of life in our communities by launching a new Septic Tank Phase Out program initiative.

Construction Calendar

Town Meeting

The City of Jacksonville and JEA will host an informational town meeting to discuss an upcoming Septic Tank Phaseout Project in the Beverly Hills, Lake Forest Hills and Ribault Manor areas. 


Rosselle Street Substation Rebuild

Beginning in late Fall 2015, JEA began rebuilding and upgrading the Rosselle Street substation located at 2640 Rosselle Street. 

Point Meadows Substation

Point Meadows Substation Project

Construction is underway at the new Point Meadows Electric Substation which will be located along an existing transmission line easement just off Point Meadows Drive near Gate Parkway Boulevard.


Herschel Street Substation Rebuild

JEA has completed rebuilding and upgrading the Herschel Street substation located at 3751 Herschel Street next to Boone Park in Riverside. This new substation will provide improved electric service reliability to the area.